Who We Are?

We are highly-regarded art directors, designers, and website designer/developers who has lived and worked in locations as exciting and diverse as New York City, Richmond, Atlanta, and Panama City Beach, FL. Our experiences in each locale gives us the insight into a wide variety of businesses of all sizes and categories.

Our many clients include: the State of Georgia, Dept of Economic Development, Film and Tourism, Georgia's Governor's Safety Council, Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Bottlers, EZ-Go, Dunlop Sporting Goods, Vineyard Brands, US Banking Alliance.
Our record and expertise in major media (television and print advertising) is very experienced in new media - where we merge our design, technical talents and skills that has resulted in addition to track our highly successful advertising and marketing campaigns for a variety of national, regional, and local clients.

Our team spirit and ability to listen, effectively strategize, and respond to a client's needs with attention-grabbing and motivating advertising. Our director is a proud recipient of the prestigious New York Chapter of the AMA, "EFFIE AWARD".

Get-Sited can provide you with business-to-business, business-to-consumer, internet consultation & merchandising, SEO consultation & services, website development, design & maintenance. And know that you'll always deal directly with our team from the planning process to the finished product.

We look forward to talking with you, and showing you just how effectively we can market your business or product.

Please call us at 850-502-0770 or email us at hello@get-sited.com


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